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Monday, August 11, 2008

Trip ke 3 Kampung Orang Asli

It was another trip to the Kampung Orang Asli in Raub, and this time 2 new volunteers from Nigeria and India joint the trip as well. The 2 friends are post graduates from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). A group of students who just registered as Muslim Aid Asia's volunteers from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) were also together with a medical team from Baling Hospital, and a team from Perkim Sg Petani.

This time we organized a mass circumcision (berkhatan) for the orang asli people. Nearly 30 of them were circumcise which was conducted by the team medic from Kedah. As this trip was held, we manage to share the life of the native people with the foreign students. Even the orang asli were surprised to see Jaafar (from Nigeria) and Mubarak (from India) visiting them.

Zaime with Ust Firdaus

Mubarak with UMP students

The Orang Asli from next village

boat is the main transportation

Jaafar with a UMP student and an orang asli

preparing for lunch

lunch time!

mass circumcision

InsyaAllah next time we hope to organize more activities like this, to promote people to help the poors and the people in need.

-Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi-
Muslim Aid Asia


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