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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Silma Ihram

Last Friday I went to hear a talk on "Bracing Muslim Youth For a Shifting World, by Silma Ihram. She had innovative ideas and approaches on being a good Muslim.

Let me share a little bit about Silma Ihram.

Silma Ihram, born Frances Anne Beaumont, grew up in Sidney and accepted Islam more than 5 years ago. A woman of diverse talents and accomplishments, she is a recipient of the Centenary Medal 2002, Australian Muslim Woman 2005, 2006 Women of Faith Award and was a candidate for the Australian Democrats in 2007 Federal and State elections.

Her battle to save her school, Noor Al Houda Islamic College was made into a documentary, Silma's School. It was greeted with a standing ovation at the Sydney Film Festival 2006 and was a sell out in London, earning her description 'Erin Brokovich in a Hijab'. Married with six children and author of several books, she now teaches and works as a consultant in Muslim education and community relations.



mad...thanx for visiting my blog :) yup buat kerja2 amal ni memang bagi banyak keinsafan...keep on helping those needed k!

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