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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Salam Aidilfitri dari Kindness Dot My

Salam Eid to All Donors & Volunteers,

On behalf of Kindness top management , I convey our heartfelt Eid greetings to all our corporate and individual donors, volunteers and supporters as well as our NGOs partners and friends. 

May Allah Almighty shower His choicest blessings upon you and your loved ones, and may He grant you the highest level of happiness and joy on this auspicious day, Amin.

This happy occasion is also an opportunity to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for the encouragement and support of all our donors and well wishers throughout Malaysia. A special mention need to be made of our project coordinators and their team that implement the TajaMereka Project, Kurma Project, Pintu Rezeki Project and Kindness Kitchen to take the happiness of Eid to the less privileged and poor and also the community in their respective states.

Our core volunteers in the KL, Penang, Kedah and Johor also spent long hours, sometimes running into the early hours of the following morning, in this holy month to ensure kindness is spread and may inspire everyone regardless of the background and skin color. This sacrifice will indeed be rewarded manifold by our Creator. We all share the joy that the poor and the needy and also the community throughout Malaysa will benefit immensely from this outstanding effort.

Let us pray Almighty Allah accepts all our small efforts during the holy month and grants us peace, prosperity, progress, and above all, the courage to continue to serve humanity with all the means He has granted to us. May Allah SWT be our constant Guide and Protector at all times – Amin.

Wassalam & Eid Mubarak.

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi 
Founder Kindness Dot My

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