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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 1 of Good deeds Challenge

My good deed for today challenge as per nominated by Yaya SchaGooddeeds Malaysia and Kindness.my are good friends lah!
{Day 1 of Good deeds Challenge}
1. Its weekend, so its breakfast with my kids at the food stall. We bought a newspaper and left it after finished reading so that others can read it too.
2. We bought extra kuih and gave it to the makcik cleaner near the food stall.
3. After we had breakfast, we went to the market to buy ikan and sayur. We bought a fresh ikan and gave it to the cat. If only we can see the cat smiling (possible ka?), but then the cat took the fish and went away.
4. We went home and said "Pakcik nampak handsome arini!" to the pakcik pakgad, and his smile to the cheeks made us happy!
5. Now at home, we prepared breakfast for mommy. The menu is roti canai and kuih, which we bought just now 
Happy weekend guys!
p/s I'll nominate after my 3rd day challenge. Bolehkan Yaya?

Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi
Kindness Dot My


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